I have been trying to get back into this page for a couple of days. I simply could not remember my log in and password. I mean really, I just set this up, like, two weeks ago! I naturally assumed it was the email address coupled with my usual secure password. It didn’t work. It didn’t work over and over again, I spent hours, days, weeks, decades, eons, for EVER trying to figure out what the *$(%@ was wrong. In the end, I figured it out, I wrote it down, and now All is Well in the Universe.

Frustration, thy name is Technology.

It got me thinking about other recent bouts of forgetfulness. Where did I leave my keys? Where the heck is my favorite pen? Why did I come into this room? What in tarnation is the name of that wonderful person I adore and suddenly her name just *pffft* disappeared? And why is everything in the house now called a “thingamajig” or a “doo-hickey”??

I figure there has to be an explanation for this seemingly random series of brain fades since most times I am sharp and quick and witty…

Obviously I am either a target of a Forget Me Now Ray gun (scary to think I might know something so terrible that the Super Secret Arm of the US Gvm’nt would use this buggy and dangerous technology in a metro area!!! *gasp*) or, and this is a far more likely scenario, I am beset by Forgettory Fairies.

I have been whacked over the head by these Forgettories more and more often in recent months… So often in fact, that I have acquired my own personal one who follows me around all day. I shall call her Frosince. I can’t see Frosince except out of the corner of my eye, but I picture this fairy as being kinda scrunchy looking, green leafy dress all wrinkled because she forgot to take it out of the dryer, a perpetual slightly puzzled scowl on her little face from constant concentration and frustration, cold toes because she lost her tiny little shoes (from the hundreds she steals from little girl’s Barbies), and her teeth are all fuzzy because, well, you get the idea.

Frosince is not a happy camper. My theory is that in addition to forgetting to brush her teeth yesterday, she also forgot where she left her car (a Beetle, of course) on the three hundred and forty-seventh level of the parking structure at Disneyland when she was on a pilgrimage to pay homage to the epitome of achievable fairy success, Tink, and had to hitchhike back home on the luggage rack of a Kia. (BTW, anyone who would even SUGGEST that she use her wings to fly nearly 100 miles is a cad.)

I am certain that she has wielded her Wand of Formidable Forgetty-fulness, all 2 inches and 37 grams of it, repeatedly at my head and THAT is the reason I have been waking up with little headaches and odd lumps on my head in the morning. That is certainly a more logical explanation than rolling over too close to the edge of the bed and ker-bonging my head on the nightstand!


Fairy clobbering notwithstanding, I am here to stay, so get used to my ramblings and Very Profound Thoughts on this here blog.

Just… watch out for fairies with bad breath. It could be Frosince or one of her BFF Forgettory Friends like Freida or Frescura, coming to visit YOU…


Just Musing,