Susan Quinland

Writing from the Dark Side


Kindle and Paperback versions published:
JULY 31, 2020
She’s back… for blood.
Even after twenty years, the blood ties to the ungrateful, deceitful Madison Bell remained. Madison had the audacity to be happy, while she, the Countess Erzsébet Báthory, the most powerful woman in all of Hungary was cursed to remain within the walls of her castle prison.
As she had done for over four hundred years, Erzsébet was forced to wait for just the right Host to take her out in the world to take revenge on Madison… and her daughter.
Nineteen-year-old Rayna has had horrible nightmares all her life. Nightmares of blood and torture so real she could smell the acrid scent of terror, hear screams as claws dug into flesh, feel the stickiness of blood on her hands, and watch as a blood soaked woman with terrifying gold eyes reveled in every drop of blood.
Only fate could have led her to a book that exposed her own mother’s darkest secrets, detailed her nightmares, and gave the woman with the unnatural gold eyes a name: Countess Erzsébet Báthory.
Rayna will do anything to stop the nightmares.
Erzsébet promises to make them come true.

Four hundred years ago, the Countess Erzsebet Bathory of Hungary had everything she could ever want: vast wealth, royal family connections, unlimited power and freedom to do anything she wanted, Sex, torture, murder; it was all the same to her.
Why should it be different now just because she’s dead?
Madison traveled halfway around the world to get away from her rotten, no good cheated soon-to-be-ex husband. While visiting the ancient castle of the notorious Bloody Countess Bathory, she met Alex, and interesting and gorgeous professor. It looked like the beginning of an exciting new life.
Being possessed by an evil spirit with a taste for blood wasn’t part of the plan.
With all the nonsense and fiction written about Vampires, isn’t it time that someone told the truth? Modern Vampires are not the vicious, soulless, terrifying monsters portrayed in modern media. With a long and, admittedly sometimes bloody past, Vampires have roamed the world in the shadows, adding to the collective knowledge and making the world a better place for the planet and all life, including humanity.
This book was written to guide Potentials make an informed decision to be Turned based on fact, history, and expected physiological and psychological changes. Filled with advice and tips about how to enjoy your Afterlife, BITE ME includes information about how to connect with other Netherworld Beings, to select the best diet plan for you, to preserve a healthy world view, and maintain your status as an Immortal without attracting the attention of the Council Primus, who rules all Vampire-kind.
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